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Mayor David Poling is in his ninth year of his third term of being elected by both democrats and
republicans since January 2006. Mayor Poling is referred to by many as the Mayor of the people.
A lifelong registered democrat, he is most recognized for his ability to work with great ease with both democrats and republicans in a bipartisan fashion to bring the necessary changes in growing communities forward.

Mayor Poling attributes the great success in Economy Borough and nearby communities because of the efforts by both democrat and republican leadership working together for the good of the people of Economy Borough, Beaver County, and the citizens of Pennsylvania.

"I have tremendous respect for the people of all our communities. I Believe good government begins with a commitment from elected leadership in local, county, state, and federal government to put aside political party affiliations and work closely together to improve the quality of the lives of those we serve. For myself, keeping the people a first priority and closest to my heart makes working across the isles of political party affiliations natural and sincere. It's just the right thing to do."